The Light Guide Panel Shortage Will Influence the Production of the LED Television

Lo and behold, the all-new 3D television had touched down and shall we introduce the first 3D television by Samsung – the UE40c7000 3D LED TV. Basically, a 3D television will project images of the highest quality and highest definition. If you had recently paid a visit to the cinema and watched Avatar in 3D, you’ll understand how spectacular the images are. Now, you can have theater-like 3D quality viewing in the comfort of your own home, and all you need is the Samsung UE40C7000 3D LED Television! oneplus led 32

One good thing about the UE40c7000 3D LED TV is that it works just like any ordinary high-definition LED television. You do not have to modify or re-tune the TV set in order to receive normal television channels. On top of that, it has the ability to refine a 2D video input into a 3D video! Nevertheless, the quality of it might not be as good as expected, but with 3D technology advancing everyday, you will certainly have the opportunity to savor classy 3D pictures in near future.

In terms of specification, the Samsung UE40C7000 3D LED Television sports an amazingly thin body, which is only 27mm thick! Other feature of the television includes an LED edge back-lit LCD display and a SCART adapter. Despite being employed with all sort of high-end features and technology in it, the UE40c7000 3D LED TV can still look so thin and elegant. Kudos to Samsung for their magnificent workmanship!

No doubt, 3D technology is still a rare commodity today, but do bear in mind that this technology will only grow and improve over time. In other words, it is fair enough to buy a 3D enabled television set now even though there is a limit to its 3D function. Set the 3D feature aside, the UE40C7000 3D LED Television is currently one the best 40-inch LED television sets around in terms of clarity and quality. In a nutshell, it is worth every penny you spend on it!


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